Character Arts Masterclass:

  • Sculpting The Face

  • Texturing The Face

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What you'll learn

Ryan will teach you how to sculpt the idealized face by applying the Digital Sculpting Method, a unique approach to sculpting in ZBrush. He will highlight how to: establish the foundation of the face, structure facial features, connect the nose to the facial plane and understand the neck and shoulders. By the end of the course, you'll be able to sculpt a full bust by applying a thoughtful and professional method.

Estimated time for course work: 10-20 hours per week

Skill Level:  Intermediate

Course Format:  Pre-Recorded
plus Community Review

Duration:  16 Modules

Assignment:  Yes, Weekly Exercises

By the end of the course, you'll:

Know how to approach the structure problem

Understand how to work with different levels of facial structure

Be able to work with fat of the face, neck and shoulders

Be able to sculpt hair and skin pores and wrinkles

The Process

Mastery is not magic... It's Process.  Learn the process the masters use and you win.


Student Profile: Herman Carlsson

I hesitate to call Herman Carlsson a student anymore... :) But check out a sampling of his work below.

Student Profile: John Qiu

Another amazing student who I hesitate to even call a student now is John Qiu.  Check out a sampling of his work below.



Digital Realism: The Portrait is actually two courses! The first course focuses on Structure & Anatomy. In this course, we go over Ryan's simplified approach to sculpting the face merging centuries of traditional art methods with modern digital art workflows that he helped develop.

Module 1 will focus on the hierarchy of planes and knowing your FIRST PRINCIPLES.

Inside Module #1, you'll:

  • Address the Structure Problem
  • Establishing the facial foundation and reverse engineer face planes
  • Sculpt second and third level facial planes
  • Sculpt facial planes from scratch

Module 2 will focus on the structure of FACIAL FEATURES.

Inside Module #2, you'll work on the:

  • Structure of the Eye
  • Structure of the Mouth
  • Structure of the Nose

Module 3 focuses on the REST OF THE FACE.

Inside Module #3, you'll:

  • Connect the Nose to the Facial Plane
  • Sculpt the Eyebrows
  • Sculpt the Ears

Module 4 is all about PRACTICE.

Inside Module #4, you'll:

  • Work on a sculpting exercise to practice structure
  • Work on a sculpting exercise for males
  • Work on a sculpting exercise for females

Module 5 focuses on the NECK & SHOULDERS.

Inside Module #5, you'll:

  • Understand the Structure of the Neck and Shoulders
  • Work on Structure of the Neck & Shoulders

Module 6 focuses on ANATOMY.

Inside Module #6, you'll:

  • Sculpt the Skull
  • Refine the Face
  • Refine Features

Module 7 focuses on FAT.

Inside Module #7, you'll work on the:

  • Fat of the Face
  • Fat of the Neck
  • Fat of the Shoulders

Module 8 focuses on SKIN.

Inside Module #8, you'll:

  • Sculpt Pores
  • Sculpt Wrinkles





The second course in this bundle focuses on production and getting it into a real-time rendering engine. It assumes you've kicked some serious butt in the anatomy and structure portion and are ready to take your sculpt to the next level with new texturing and production workflows.

Module 1 will learn how to paint realistic skin using Substance Painter's Amazing brush system

Inside Module #1, you'll:

  • The Layer Stack
  • Procedural Pore Detail
  • Spec, Roughness, Gloss...
  • PBR and Materials

Module 2 will focus on SETUP IN MARMOSET. The fun stuff!

Inside Module #2, you'll work on the:

  • Setting up SSS
  • Nailing the specularity
  • Creating a beautiful light setup
  • Baking in Marmoset and in Substance.

Module 3 focuses on a TEXTURING.XYZ WORKFLOW.

Inside Module #3, you'll:

  • The simple Puppet Warp method using multi-channel maps.
  • Fitting your texture to your model
  • The Non-Multi-Channel map workflow in Substance.

Module 4 focuses on creating REALISTIC EYES... after all, they are the window into the soul.

Inside Module #4, you'll:

  • Learn the Parallax eye method.
  • Explore Texturing.xyz method
  • Create a realistic eye with bump, color, viens and all that gooey-ness.

Module 5 focuses on FUZZ & TRANSITIONAL MESHES.

Inside Module #5, you'll:

  • Creating Peach Fuzz and Stubble.
  • Creating transitional meshes for wet line.
  • Finaling the Render Settings.

Module 6 focuses on HAIR.

Inside Module #6, you'll work on the:

  • The ZBrush Fibermesh workflow.
  • Understanding Hair Cards.
  • Maya's XGen workflow.

2 Awesome Classes. One Awesome Goal.

Learn how to sculpt the idealized face by applying Ryan Kingslien's Digital Sculpting Method. Whether you are new to ZBrush or looking to refresh your skills, Ryan will walk you through an approach to ZBrush that will distinguish you as a Pro and help you avoid the mistakes of an Amateur.

This is TWO CLASSES with 6+ modules each. Each module contains recorded tutorials with demonstrations and explanations. You'll spend around ten to twenty hours a week sculpting and resculpting your work and going through the exercises assigned.

About your Instructor

Ryan Kingslien

 Artist, motivator, and teacher, Ryan is known to ignite the spark in people with his teachings and humor. Also known as an Anatomy Guru and ZBrush Teacher he has taught more than 25,000 students across the globe.

An artist himself and life long learner Ryan shares his life experiences and lessons with all his students through webinars, writings and video lessons. He is a programmer, a writer, a digital artist, a traditional artist, devoted husband and father of two lovely kids.

Ryan is the CEO and founder of one of the first online school for Digital and Traditional Arts, Game Art Institute, ZBrushworkshops and UArtsy where he has taught his artistic strategies and techniques to hundreds of thousands of people.

Ryan was also part of the the team which brought you the groundbreaking software "ZBrush" back in the day.



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