Game Artist Bootcamp

A flexible and customizable program designed to get you the job you want in Game Arts.
  • Lectures from over a dozen amazing artists
  • Real-world projects for your portfolio
  • In-depth training on the latest software and workflows

Our graduates work at:


When you join the bootcamp you get an entire year of training, support and guidance.  Here's how that year gets broken up:

4 WK (1 MO)


In this first sprint, your goal is to create a realistic prop using a high-polygonal modeling approach to establish realistic form.

4 WK (1 MO)


The second sprint builds on the first to create a realistic prop that goes beyond mere software tools to tell the story and evoke a sense of authenticity

8 WK (2 MO)


After you've created one amazing prop you move to creating your character or environment with guidance from your mentor.

36 WK (8 MO)


Apply to jobs weekly and get career guidance as well as continuing crits on your work to keep your momentum going.


What to expect from the Game Artist Bootcamp


In this online program, you don't have to hunt for information anymore.

Ryan Kingslien will be your guide as you go through hours of lessons and training from over a dozen different and amazing artists.

Once the Bootcamp begins, you'll meet with your Mentor and cohorts every few days with new assignments and new assessments to keep you making progress towards your dream career.

By the end of this course, you'll work like today's professional game artists and have a body of work to upload to ArtStation.

Estimated time for course work: 20-30 hours per week

Skill Level: All Levels Welcome

Course Format: Intensive
Duration: 12-16 Weeks

Lecture Type: LIVE meetings
Assignment: 4 Sprints
Feedback: Mentor & Community

By the end of the course, you'll:

Know how to use the same software that AAA game studios use.

Have deep dived into anatomy with hours of digital dissection using our scan library.

Have learned the difficult craft of being a Character Artist. Including how to create Hair.

Have learned how to create modular interior and exterior game environments 


Everything You Need To Be A Game Artist

While everyone goes through the first track to create a realistic in-game prop,
you'll eventually choose your own track and specialize.


Learn how to think about anatomy, skin, clothing and much more.


Learn the skills of one of the most dynamic jobs in the industry today.

A few words from our students...

"The difference between my work before and after taking classes at here is immense."

Kory Molohon

"One of the best career decisions i have ever made."

Andre Pires

"By far the best educational course I have been on. University seems to teach you very little over a long period of time."

Alexander Lowrie


Module 1

Create Your First In-Game Model

Learn the latest High Resolution modeling approach and make models that stand head and shoulders above other artists. Our curriculum, derived from Brett Briley, shows you the proper way to model your high resolution model and how to convert that to a low resolution mesh. Image by Melissa Mazacco

Module 2

Baking, Texturing, & Rendering 

Now it's time to make your low resolution mesh amazing. You'll learn how to lay out UVs, how to bake your maps and then how to create realistic textures using the power of Photoshop & Substance Painter.Without a doubt, this is the most amazing foundation you'll ever get in Game Arts. Image by Melissa Mazacco

Module 3

Create A Basic In-Game Character

Learn the basics of creating a realistic in-game character by following lessons from Adam Skutt, Jarad Vincent, Steve Lord, & Ryan Kingslien. You'll be introduced to ZBrush & Marvelous Designer while still continuing to use your polygonal modeler.

Module 4

Create A Modular Hallway

Begin your Environment Art experience by learning how to create a modular hallway. You'll explore The Grid, how to break down a scene, how to model your Modular pieces and how to tackle ornamentation.

Module 5

Create A Realistic Game Character

Now it's time to dive deeper into Character Arts by learning how to create realistic skin, realistic texturing of your clothing and even in-game hair using the latest tools like XGen. Image by Nils Ruisch

Module 6

Create Materials & Terrains

Environment Arts is one of the most dynamic areas in games right now. In this module we explore some of those changing areas. You'll learn how to create Materials in Substance Designer. How to create organic terrains and more.

Module 7

Lighting In Marmoset & Unreal

Now that you've got your environment and your character ready it's time to learn how to light and rendering them. We'll introduce lighting in Marmoset and Unreal. You'll learn how to setup lights, optimize your scene and create post-fx.

Module 8

Master The Anatomy Of The Face

Mastering the human face is one of the last thresholds for a Game Artist to cross. In this module you'll learn from hand picked lessons by Steve Lord, Adam Skutt, Marcin Klicki, Jarad Vincent and other amazing artists to go beyond just anatomy and learn how to create character and realism.



Bonus #1

Create A Stylized Game Character

Want to create a stylized character for Blizzard? Learn how to sculpt appealing characters from the master, Mike Defeo. He'll introduce you to his maquette approach where you'll create your own character step-by-step. This module is almost 20 hours of content by itself!

Bonus #2

Digital Dissections

We've extracted the most important lessons from Eric Michael Wilson's anatomy classes. You'll watch as he digitally dissects model and reveals the simple structures inside. You'll learn how to simplify complex areas like the forearms and difficult areas like the knees with ease.

A few words from our students...

"A thriving community of dedicated people that made art and games their living. You are not born with talent, you master it, they are ready to show you how."

Natanael Rey

"It’s more than just an online classroom, it’s a solid tight-knit community that works together towards the long run."

Roy Portillo

"An incredible resource for me as an aspiring 3D artist. The classes offered are led by some of the industries' top talent who take you step by step through the process of creating AAA quality art for games."

Matthew Gillmeister

Build Game Artist Career Skills

In today's competitive industry it helps to know the latest software and workflows. In this course you'll learn the following software:


even more words from our students...

"The greatest learning experience I have ever been through. With real world practice, with real world masters of the craft using current applications of industry standards."

David Laury

"For me having enrolled in the Environment Bootcamp has been one of the best decisions i have taken as an artist. "

Isaac Rivera Gómez

"The greatest part is that I am exposing to an environment where I could get constructive feedback, guidance and surrounded by a lot of other talented artists to learn from."

Ira Zhang




When you enroll in the Bootcamp, we will also give you access to the Game Artist 360, a series of curated lessons pulled directly from over a dozen world-class artists who are all at the top of their craft. You are not alone when you are in the Bootcamp!

Adam Skutt

Epic Games

Jarad Vincent


Shawnell Priester

343 Industries

Melissa Altobello

Sucker Punch Productions

Mike Defeo

Ice Age, Despicable Me

Brett Briley

Id Software

Jason Martin

Id Software

Hossein Diba

Freelance Artist

Eric Wilson

Sculptor, Co-founder of New Masters Academy

Steve Lord

Sideshow Collectibles

Josh Herman

Cloud Imperium

Marcin Klicki

CD Projekt Red

Melissa Mazzocco


Tyler Smith

Sucker Punch

Ashley Sparling

Ubisoft Quebec

Henry Kelly

Rebellion Developments

Level Up Your Game Art Today!




  • 8 Modules of carefully curated content
  • 10 Real-world projects for your portfolio
  • In-depth character creation modules
  • In-depth environment creation modules
  • Bonus: Stylized Character modules
  • Bonus: Anatomy Modules
  • 12 months access to our private Social Network with over 1,000 members.
  • Bonus: Access to the GUILD where we produce weekly LIVE interviews & crits.
  • 16 weeks of weekly LIVE meetings with a mentor.



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